Carla Camou
Life Re-Solutions, located in North Seattle, has brought premiere Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training to the area for over 20 years. Established by Carla Camou, a master NLP practitioner, the goal of this center is to help people progress along their path of growth and transition. Personal change can be uncomfortable or it can be an exciting adventure. Life Re-Solutions teaches you the tools to make changes in your life when you want and at your own pace. Your changes will not only affect you in a positive way. They will impact your friends, family, business – your entire life.

What are you looking for? Personal transformation and growth?
Professional confidence and success?

Your life is an integration of your personal and professional lives. Our training and personal sessions are about all aspects of your life. Often you may think that change in someone else would improve your life. Life Re-Solutions will show you how changes in your life affect those around you. You will feel the change in yourself and see the change in others.

How would your life look if you had the changes you want?
How would it look if you had the skills to support change in the people around you?

Like many people, you may believe that personal change is hard and there are limits to what you can change. You may have had the thought “This is just the way I am” with no nope that change in certain areas could happen. With the right skills that nurture and respect human nature, change can be made – in many areas of your life.

Carla Camou, the founder of Life Re-Solutions, has worked with NLP for more than 25 years. Life Re-Solutions is the response to her passion to bring this knowledge to the world through classes and workshops. Her training style is known for its deep respect for all aspects of being human. See how Life Re-Solutions will help you make the changes you want the most in your life.